I'm Brandon Frankel 

An artist, doctor, lifelong student, and a man full of love that encourages others to expand and evolve their being.

My education explores the depths of complexities and uniqueness of the human body, mind, and experience.  


I want to change how the kids of today move in our modern day world tomorrow...

My goal is to bring awareness to the current movement issues we as a society are facing. I am inspired to evolve my consciousness around the deeper components of movement, educate others on how it impacts every aspect of life, and create sustainable and long term practices for our future generations.  

I'm passionate about living the most life per moment. 

My hope is all of this gives others the confidence and desire to experience their truest and most courageous selves.  

Last Thing! 


-This is one of the ways I've chosen to give back to my community and provide positive value for those who want more for their lives.

-I can't do it alone and am asking for your help: if this content has created value in your life, all I ask is that you share it with your loved ones.  No gimmicks.  No sales pitch.  No email subscriptions.  Just raw and real content that people need.

-Stay humble.  Work hard.  And be cool to all humans!

Much love and gratitude everyone,