Me in 2 minutes: 

I'm Brandon.  Yes, I'm a doctor.  But I am not into titles or defining myself by "what" I do.  I love simplicity.  I love creativity.  And this website is a way for me to express my perspectives and thoughts about healing, performance, and life.   


This is me in real life.  Yes, this is a bird eating pine nuts off my head and flying away.  Boom.  

Okay that's enough about me... 

 Let's get to YOU!

My purpose for creating this site is to provide a resource that gives you opportunities to become a healthier version of yourself.  Whatever that means to you.  


The only thing I ask from you is:  DO THE WORK.  


Experiment, feel, test, re-test, integrate, adapt.  

Use this as a resource to challenge your perspective, dive deeper into different principles of healing, and ultimately find what works for you!

Because always remember... YOU HEAL YOU. 


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