Introduction to groundwork 

Groundwork is a movement program my buddy, Dr. Alex Lee, and I created to help give people a very solid foundation of baseline health.  If you are looking to improve mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health then please click this link HERE and check out our movement program. 

If you'd like to watch an intro video before clicking the link above, please click HERE.  

If you are still unsure and feel this is a sales trap, then please try the beginner test below and experience a few of the movements for yourself.  Here is the equipment you'll need for the beginner program and test.  If this test kicked your butt, then this program is probably for you. Let's level up by clicking HERE.

Beginner Test 

5:00 Minutes Single Leg Raise Hold 

-Rest 3 minutes in between each leg 

3:00 Minute Lunge Hold 

-Rest 3 minutes in between each leg 

2:30 Pushup Bottom Hold 

-Rest 3 Minutes

2 Minute Active Hang 

-Rest 3 Minutes 

250 Cross Crawl Supermans within 5:00 minutes (unbroken)